Tobacco Mosaic Virus

Name of Organism: Tobacco Mosaic Virus
Number of Base Pairs: ~6,400bp
Name of Gene or Sequence: Tobacco mosaic virus genome (variant 1).
Comment: “The key protein sub unit bears resemblance to the GGF motif (Fig 1. White space retained). Modelling showing how the sub unit may be represented by the GGF motif is displayed. Fig 2 shows an image of white space removed. This image shows a more detailed profile which could be a better profile of the Tobacco Mosaic Virus Sub Unit. The smaller genomes that mapped by the GGF algorithms are thought to represent protein sub units whereas larger genomes are thought to represent morphology of the organism ie its macro structure. “
Author: Mr C Hagan
GGF Database reference: GGG016MOS
Link to Cloud databin: n/a

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