Ribosome in E Coli

Name of Organism: Ribosome in E Coli
Number of Base Pairs: ~1500bp
Name of Gene or Sequence: 16s ribosome unit – sequence from E- Coli
Comment: “The original image is shown as N1A & N1B where N1A is shown in image GGG013RIB. N1B is the result of a minor change in base application settings in the GGF algorithm and produces a similar image (other sequences are not so similar). The remaining diagrams N2 to N11 represent 10 images of 10 slightly varied 16s ribosome sequences. The variation of the first varied image (N2) was obtained by merely deleting the first base of the sequence, the second image (N3) was obtained by deleting the first 2 bases of the sequence and so on. This may indicate overlapping codes producing a cascade of different protein sub units representing a dynamic generation process. The overall impression is that the successive images could be ‘wrapping’ of a 3D surface of the ribosome or as the ribosome is made of RNA as well it could be 3D surface of RNA . Now amongst the main base sequence there are 9 hypervariable regions for the gene (presumably exon – intron ‘gene in fragments) and so these 10 images seem to demonstrate this ‘wrapping’ around a common manifold or scaffold of the ‘seahorse like’ ribosome structure. [for sequence references see GGG013RIB]”
Author: Mr C Hagan
GGF Database reference: GGG014RIB
Link to Cloud databin: n/a

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