Main Image (top) is a random DNA sequence

Name of Organism: Main Image (top) is a random DNA sequence
Number of Base Pairs: ~16,000bp
Name of Gene or Sequence: Bottom images are Human Mitochondria
Comment: “16 000 A,G,C & T letters where generated by Mathematica’s random number generator function. The GGF algorithm was then applied to this sequence to demonstrate that the GGF prints of real genome sequences reflect meaningful results and not mathematical curiosities or anomalies like fractals. The bottom 3 images are GGF prints of over ~16,000 bases including and excluding white space. Both the whitespace included and excluded images bear some resemblance to the ‘zig zag’ profiles that typical mitochondrial chambers display whereas the random 16 000 GGF print bears no resemblance”
Author: Mr C Hagan
GGF Database reference: GGG012MIT
Link to Cloud databin: n/a

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