Drosophila Melanogaster (fruit fly)

Name of Organism: Drosophila Melanogaster (fruit fly)
Number of Base Pairs: >72,000
Name of Gene or Sequence: Flybase ref. FBgn0000179- includes Bifid gene
Comment: “This is a GGF print of over 72,000 bases including white space compared to a GGF print of a random 72,000 A,G,C ,T sequence of bases generated by Mathematica’s random number function generator. The real GGF print again uses sequence from FBgn0000179. Flybase entry for FBgn0000179 key details are summarized in GGG006DRO This striking comparison suggests that both exons and introns ie including the so called ‘junk DNA’ across intergenic regions ( such as would be included in such 72,000 bases) do serve meaningful functions as meaningful images are produced compared to a random sequence. Our view is that the intergenic regions contain cascades of candidate genes as well as the regulatory areas for transcription factors, splicesome etc. These candidate genes are analogous to the candidate antibody producing sequences in the V(D)J intergenic regions suggested by Prof. Ted Steele et Al in his book Lamarck’s Signature. “
Author: Mr C Hagan
GGF Database reference: GGG008DRO
Link to Cloud databin: n/a

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