Bacteriophage G4

Name of Organism: Bacteriophage G4
Number of Base Pairs: 5577
Name of Gene or Sequence: Whole genome
Comment: “The right hand image is a plot of the GGF algorithm applied to the 5577 bases with ‘no white space’ included. It does resemble the ‘white space’ GGF motif with each 60th slot as white space but there is a considerable difference between them. It might be that 60 is significant in DNA symmetry eg the 3 base codon from 4 bases produces 43 =64 combinations to produce 20 amino acids. 3 x 20 = 60 may be significant. Another view could be the top view of DNA with 10 pentagons may imply that 10 x 6 = 60 (6=2x 3 base codon symmetry in double helix) is significant in a generative scheme for protein expression. The 60th slot may be a spacer in a recursive DNA function. In Drosophila it was found that moving the white space one slot reduced the Drosophila GGF motif to ‘gibberish’. The left hand image was generated by combing the GGF algorithm with the Voronoi diagram algorithm which can mimic or model cell growth. One can see the resemblance to the ‘no white space’ GGF image in GGG004. “
Author: Mr C Hagan
GGF Database reference: GGG005BAC
Link to Cloud databin: n/a

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