About Us

Dr Brian E Hagan

Our Founder

Dr Brian E. Hagan (1928 – 2007) was a medical researcher at the Queen Elizabeth II Research Institute and former Chairman of medical staff at Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney. 

His areas of research included cancer, genomics, mathematics and physics with a special interest in the DNA code and bio mathematics.  Dr Hagan made a discovery which could be of great significance in understanding how the DNA code creates morphology and cell differentiation including the process by which genes express proteins and form the body plan of the organism.  

In or prior to 2004 Dr Hagan wrote a BASIC computer program that applied an algorithm to the 5577 DNA letters of the G4 Bacteriophage virus which produced an image profile of the ‘mosquito like’ Bacteriophage despite the program being ‘blind’ as to the shape and profile of the Bacteriophage – that is, his program deciphered how DNA  maps its code via expression of proteins leading to deployment of patterns of structure or concentration of polymers to form or differentiate the morphology of the body plan of the Bacteriophage.  

This algorithm is called the Generative Genome Function (GGF).

A software module – GGF Geneseeker – has been completed and is ready for use.    A further software system GGF Codeweaver is nearing completion.

 Many years after Dr Hagan passed away his daughter Paula Punch, a Director of GGF Global Genomics, discovered Dr Hagan’s research files prompting his son Christopher Hagan to try and replicate the algorithm. 

Mr Hagan rewrote the algorithm in Mathematica and reproduced a similar Bacteriophage image from the same DNA sequence.   This led to the formation of GGF Global Genomics Pty Ltd to enable the GGF development work to continue.   Dr Andrew Firek, who holds a Ph.D in chemistry also joined the board.   Guidance was sought from another scientist, Dr Fabien Delerue –  actively involved in biology projects involving CRISPR research – who suggested applying the algorithm to a number of other organisms which produced more striking image profiles.


Dr Andrew Firek

Chairman and Technical Advisor - M. Sc., Ph.D., FAusIMM, FAIE

Dr Firek has been involved in the public company sector in mining, chemical and waste processing industries at operational and executive levels for over 25 years.  Dr Firek was a group leader at the CSIRO developing clean energy technologies. He has worked as a United Nations expert in resource projects in Europe and Africa. He was also a foundation director of three publicly listed exploration companies.    Dr Firek has consulted to the GGF Geneseeker project in relation to biochemistry since its inception.

Ms Paula Punch

Director - B. Sc.

Ms Paula Punch graduated with a qualification as microbiologist and biotechnologist from the University of New South Wales and later became an executive at a number of large retail companies.

She was able to have discussions with Dr Hagan over many years regarding the theory behind the GGF Geneseeker project as she and her father shared a passion for medical science.

Christopher Hagan

General Manager - BA. LLB

Chris Hagan majored in philosophy, mathematics, geosciences and law at the University of New South Wales. As principal of his own law practice in 1983 he pioneered the flotation of the first biomedical company onto a stock exchange in Australia.  He later left legal practice to become CEO of a listed resource company and has managed many resource companies and projects since.    He has also been engaged in biomedical enterprises for many years with a special interest in cancer research.  He has been involved in developing the corporate plans, mathematics and science behind the GGF Geneseeker project since its inception